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The infrastructure in both the printing and the binding departments ensures efficient performance for small and large jobs.  At JMP the capacities between the various departments are well balanced.  We hold a large and efficient infrastructure, by Namibian and by regional  standards.  We are well-known for fast and efficient response times.  This ensures that we can secure many jobs where urgency is the overriding factor, not the price alone.
Pre-press Infrastructure:
The pre-press infrastructure accommodates both conventional and manual processing of film positives, as well as state-of-the-art digital work-flow and computer-to-plate technology.
Printing Infrastructure:
Due to the nature and number of printing machines, a continuous job flow is ensured, regardless of job volume, particular job requirements or machine down-time.  Due to almost all components being available with two or three alternatives, bottle-necks are eliminated and flexibility persists, even when individual machines are down/occupied.
The following are the core components of our infrastructure:
Heidelberg Prinect job-flow system with Heidelberg Suprasetter
Heidelberg Speedmaster 5-colour printing press with coating unit.
Heidelberg Speedmaster 4-colour printing presses
UV-varnish curing system (conventional)
Heidelberg MO single-colour printing press
Heidelberg GTO single-colour printing press
MGI  Digital printing press
MGI  Digital spot UV-varnishing machine
Folding machines
Paper guillotines
Three-knife trimmer
Aster Thread-sewing machine
Gang-stitcher collating conveyers, both with 3-knife trimmer
Eurotechnica Perfect-bind book-binding machine with 4 clamps
Finishing, Packing and Delivery:
Our infrastructure in this department is capable of handling both large volumes of work, and individually styled batches of a variety of small jobs.  This enables us to dispatch goods on behalf of the customer to a variety of final destinations, thereby taking the logistical pressure off the customer.  At numerous occasions we avail our logistics to such customers who wish their printed matter to leave our factory directly for various destinations country-wide.