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Originally, John Meinert Printing was founded in 1912 by John Meinert and is one of the oldest well-known trade names in the Namibian business world.  For a number of years John Meinert Printing was a full subsidiary of Democratic Media Holdings.  The “new” John Meinert Printing is a completely independent new company and not linked to any other holding company nor group of companies.  It is neither involved with any newspaper nor with newspaper printing nor newspaper publishing
John Meinert Printing is a private company (Proprietary Limited).  It is registered under registration No. 97/463 with the Namibian Registrar of Companies. Our principal offices are located at Snyman Circle, 17 David Hosea Meroro Road (previously Hochland Road), Windhoek. John Meinert Printing complies with all legal requirements to operate, and has an up-to-date record of all applicable inspections.  It has also been inspected by Factory Inspectors of the Ministry of Labour. JMP is fully compliant with affirmative action requirements and holds an affirmative action compliance certificate, issued by the Employment Equity Commission.  Furthermore, internal mechanisms and structures in terms of occupational health and safety are in operation, and the company is fully compliant in this respect.
JMP has embarked on an intensive on-the-job training programme over the last couple of years.  This has resulted in broad-based skills amongst the ranks of employees.  In this way, virtually all skills are created in-house.
We have succeeded to raise the proportion of female employees to almost 50 % of the total staff, thereby enabling women to achieve personal growth and fulfilling their role in an empowered society.

Jürgen and Ulrike Sievers are the proud owners of John Meinert Printing.